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Buy One, Get One Tree FAQs

How Will Buying a Card Help Plant Trees?

Funky Pigeon has partnered with Tree-Nation, who are the largest reforestation platfrom allowing citizens and companies to plant trees worldwide. So, for each card you buy in our Buy One, Get One Tree range, we'll fund the planting of one tree with Tree-Nation. You can then track this tree to see how much CO2 it's offsetting, where it's planted and much more!

Can I Donate a Tree as a Gift For a Friend?

Yes! Donating a tree on behalf of a friend is a great gift for an eco-conscious friend on their birthday, Christmas, or just as a nice surprise to brighten their day! You can either send them a card from our Buy One, Get One Tree range, which will plant a tree on their behalf, or you can send them a gift card of £5 or £10 to support tree planting projects worldwide.

How Will My Tree Make a Difference?

When trees grow, they act as vital "carbon sinks", taking in CO2 from the atmosphere and storing the carbon, releasing oxygen that we can breathe. This is incredible as CO2 is a major contributor to climate change, so every tree is offsetting CO2 as it grows, as well as creating healthy forest environment that supports native wildlife. In the race against irreversible and irreparable climate change, planting trees buys us more time to complete this difficult transition. But, beyond climate, reforestation also brings multiple benefits for ecosystems and people.

Can I Track My Tree?

Absolutely! Every tree planted can be tracked as part of the Funky Pigeon forest, so you can see where your tree is being planted, what species of tree it is, and how much CO2 your tree will help offset from the environment.

Where Will My Tree Be Planted?

Tree-Nation supports the planting of trees worldwide in over 30 verified projects. This ensures that your tree is planted in a sustainable environment where it can make a difference and grow to offset as much CO2 as possible. So, your tree could end up in Madagascar, Australia or another one of our projects across the world.

What Species Is My Tree?

In every project, the species of tree is carefully selected according to the specific benefits they bring to the environment and to the local population. In total there are over 300 different tree species available for planting, depending on where they are being planted. So, your tree could be a Ceriops tagal or a Brachychiton acerifolius! You can see what species your tree is by tracking your tree in the Funky Pigeon forest.

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